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When is it time to start a family? The question of readiness to start a family is, of course, very individual. Creating a family should be approached consciously and responsibly. At the same time you need a certain determination and timeliness of making such an important life decision is important.
The most favorable age for creating a family is 20-25 years. After 25 years, as a rule, it is easier to give up relationships than to give up your deep-rooted habits and stereotypes. This is the most favorable age for having children. And if there is a common important goal for lovers, such as home improvement for the family, the energy of youth and mutual support works wonders. Overcoming everyday problems together can bring young spouses together even more strongly, teach them how to work as a team, and make them feel the joy of achieving common goals together.
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Like many other areas, interpersonal relationships require development. In any couple the relationship reaches a level where a choice must be made: either to move to the next step and create a family, or to wait for more appropriate circumstances and postpone the wedding "until better times". The first option is difficult, but in this case the relationship can grow into true love. If the relationship doesn't go to the next level and doesn't develop, it is bound to begin to wear itself out. The true sense of kinship between two people is acquired over the years of family life. But even before the wedding, you can discern in the other person a soul mate. This is felt by the deep peace and inner joy when the lovers are together. Such unanimity manifests itself in a deep mutual understanding and mutual complementarity. Communication with this person is very peaceful, so that no special words are needed for a proper understanding of each other.
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You need to know the other person well enough, to know not only the advantages but also disadvantages and unpleasant habits, and then determine whether you can accept these features. It should take time to form not an imaginary and idealized, but a sober real perception of the person. You need to quietly sort out your feelings and observations, because great things are seen from a distance. Family implies a natural responsibility not only for oneself, but also for the lives of loved ones. This includes the fact that future spouses must imagine how and at what expense they will solve immediate material needs. It has nothing to do with amassing millions before starting a family. But understanding and accepting this responsibility encourages a person to make certain choices and take conscious action. It is important that even before marriage, a person develops the qualities of honesty, purposefulness and self-discipline, independence skills and diligence.
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It is believed that the optimal period of premarital communication is about one year. It all depends on the specific pair, the frequency of meetings, jointly lived events, the degree of trust in each other, the closeness of the world view and the depth of dialogue. It is important to see the person as he is in reality. It helps a lot to find oneself with the chosen one in a controlled and reasonable stressful situation. For example, go on a hiking expedition together, a long hike, a long journey.
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It is right to treat the decision to start a family as a once-in-a-lifetime decision. The awareness of such responsibility and the inner mood for the irreversibility of this decision encourages a very careful approach to the choice of the chosen one, and after the creation of a family - mutually move forward. Before making such a decision, it is important to prepare personally and get to know each other well, without breaking personal boundaries or making irreparable mistakes.

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